How We Give

10% of our net profits go towards eradicating energy poverty, once and for all.

REVIVE Project is proud to be partnered with the Little Sun Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the award-winning social enterprise. Little Sun was founded in 2012 by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen, with the mission of providing sustainable energy to those who need it the most. This mission was actualized in the form of an iconic, sun-shaped, solar powered LED lamp. Through their one-for-one giving model, Little Sun has made an immense impact on struggling off-grid communities. The company has directly impacted over a million individuals, decreased energy expenses by over $55,000,000, and reduced almost 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide.

REVIVE Project and the Little Sun Foundation share a common goal – the goal of decreasing the number of people without access to clean, sustainable energy from 1.1 billion to zero. It is our conviction that energy access is an fundamental vehicle through which we can dramatically improve the quality of life of these individuals. Electricity has become assumed in the developed world, and this contributes to a collective lack of appreciation of how integral it is to our society. Directly improving health, education, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, rural electrification is a panacea for off-grid communities.

In today’s global society, social responsibility has become a requisite to achieving prosperity. We hope you join REVIVE’s movement to make the world a better place through rural electrification.

Look good, feel good, do good. Light up the world with REVIVE.